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EC A. 6.Water Solubility

EC B.30.Chronic Toxicity Test

EC B.32.Carcinogenicity Test

EC C. 1.Acute Toxicity for Fish

EC C. 2.Daphnia sp Acute Immobilisation Test

EC C. 4.Biodegradation: Determination of the "ready" Biodegradability

OECD 203Fish, Acute Toxicity Test

QMRF 2. 3.a.Persistence: Biodegradation. Ready/not ready biodegradability

QMRF 3. 1.Short-term toxicity to Daphnia (immobilisation)

QMRF 3. 2.Short-term toxicity to algae (inhibition of the exponential growth rate)

QMRF 4.10.Mutagenicity

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